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A little heads up for April the 10th. 

I have been sorting stuff through in order to move out of the UK and to move back to my home-country, and I will be doing so on Wednesday the 10th of April and wont arrive until the 11th of April.

Saying this, I will be on a ferry overnight and while there is internet, there wont be any journals that evening. Last time I took that ferry, there was just about enough internet for a person to sign in to Facebook and Hotmail, loading tumblr was downright impossible. Chances are that because it is a night ferry, the internet might be slightly faster as people go to bed. But I don’t know that until I am on the actual boat.

And even if it does, there still wont be an update for you guys. It’s going to be difficult enough and even more so worrying about the dog down in the kennel, as well as the efforts of moving.

On the 11th of April, there also wont be a journal entry for you guys, as I please ask of you guys to give me at least a day back in Belgium in order to get a little bit settled in and let go of some stress, steam and take a moment for myself.

Please  bare with me for this.

TL:DR = Moving procedures will take in a bit of my time, and there wont be a Journal entry posted on the 10th & 11th of April.

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  1. paddyblack said: I’m wishing you all the best for your journey, have a save ferry ride!
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